Who is Chasteny Colbert?

170FE552-FE77-4156-84E7-D6F8B65EF45BI am 22 years old with two beautiful children; Ayden Nahzir and India Rose.
I’ve always had a niche for writing, expressing myself through a pen and paper or even my cellular device.

The purpose of my blog is to help inspire, encourage and motivate others to be themselves ( unapologetically). Someone else inspired me to create a blog, I watched how she wrote and expressed herself. She was being her true self and that’s all I ever wanted to be. Majority of my 22 years of life I’ve never actually been myself ( sounds crazy huh? ) I have always allowed others to speak, think and feel things for me. It literally took me so long to have my own voice and I’m still working on this voice! I don’t have it all together and I don’t claim to be perfect. I am┬ájust a regular individual who’s going through the motions as young woman.

DISCLAIMER: A well put together mess.. yes how it’s displayed is how it is. I can be a mess a hot mess.. but the point of it all is to show that, even though I go through what I go through. I never wear my struggles on my face. I keep a smile on my face, yes at times I break down but who doesn’t. It’s all apart of my growing process.

Every Tuesday, I will post something new! So tune in every week.

With much LOVE!
Chasteny Colbert



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