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Here or There.

So as you all know, I have taken a break from blogging. During this much needed break, I discovered something so important in such a small amount of time!
I realized that God will have you somewhere you don’t want to be but its like you need to be there. I found myself trying to escape where I’m at to get to the next place.. I was rushing, I wasn’t completely ready to move. My work started to become sloppy and uninspired, I didn’t have a passion for anything but I knew I didn’t want to be in this spot anymore. I tried everything to leave, and I kept trying.. but all I was getting was denial after denial.. but I still couldn’t understand that God was showing me signs daily, that this where I needed to be at this moment.
A couple of weeks ago, I tried to apply to another job. I had high hopes that the job was mine. I just knew that my time was up with my current job! I went through the whole process of applying and interviewing, anything job related I did it. Only to get an email stating that ” I wasn’t fit for the position and they are looking for a different candidate.” Such a bumper huh? The feeling of rejection.. but you felt sooo sure that this for you.. It was all in that moment, when I noticed what God was trying to tell me, I was moving to fast and it wasn’t my time yet. I haven’t put forth enough work, I hadn’t perfected my work. I need to go harder with my NOW, so I can get THERE. I feel that some of us, see others moving and might feel like we are going to get left behind, but we have to remember that God calls each and everyone of us at a certain time, a time that is fit especially for you and no one else.
” For such a time as this”
We may feel like we havent made any improvement or shown any signs of growth, but God literally is behind us. He know exactly who we are and what we have to give. He’s waiting for the perfect time to reveal your craft to the world.. In God’s perfect timing. That’s literally the best timing. When God says move.. move.. when he’s says go.. go. In his timing.
You can be called to do something all day, but your work cannot be rushed and not God given, without that where is the passion?
No Rush..
We can get so fixed on others accomplishments that we dont acknowledge our own.. becasue Lisa is booming in the hair buisness and she opened up a shop, you feel that its time for you to open your shop in less than a month.. but we dont know what Lisa had to do to get to that point. Or maybe Ashley left her job, and started being her own boss. Just because she left doesnt mean its time for you to go to.. you dont wanna be out here struggling because you left your job with no plan. Good things take time, and I feel that the more time you put into something the better it’ll be. The passion will be there and what you have created will be uniquely yours. Be proud of your small accomplishments as well, its like you appericate more when you are geninuely humble.
Goals Baby!
One good thing that you can do to get to the next level is set GOALS. Set goals that are fit for how you opertate, you arent gonna operate like Lisa.. so do what fits your situation best.
Set small goals that you can accomplish first, then move on to bigger. Now im not saying you cant dream big, but atleast work with what works for you first.
” For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”
Ecclesiastes 3:1
This particular scripture stood out to me, For there is a season for everything, literally everything. You know how us a women will do our makeup or get dressed for a day out and we will say “Beauty takes time honey, you can’t rush perfection, it takes time to be this fine” Thats exactly it, True passion, takes time! It’s okay if you haven’t made it to the next level yet. Stay in your now, to get to your there. Trust me the outcome will be GOLDEN! God will show you so many things, the end result will be mind blowing!!
Trust God, and accept where you are.. you won’t be there for long.
With Love,
Chasteny Colbert 

Some dirty dishes saved my life…


Walking out the door so happy to finally go pick up my father from work, so we could head to Houston TX for a funeral. My brother Cj, and sister Quiana, were preparing to pick my dad up from work that night. This is time when we lived in Tatum, Texas of 1716.

I just knew I was going to get in the car and sit behind whomever was driving (which was my favorite seat, I always sat in that seat). On that particular day I would’ve been in that back seat on the same side as my sister Quiana. However, my mom had a different plan for me, which consisted of me completing my unfinished chore of washing dishes. I remember it like yesterday, my dreams were crushed, I wanted to go with Cj & Quiana so badly . I made a huge fuss about not being able to…

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Seal The Deal.

God, has given you this vision. You know what you want to do and what needs to be done. What steps to take, and how to execute the deal… but what if you have no idea how to seal the deal or where to even begin? This feeling has you overwhelmed.. drained and uninspired. What happens when your purpose doesn’t seem so purposeful anymore? What do you do? Although you know good things are happening, but everything seems to be coming a little fast. You then question, “God am I really ready for this?” “I’ve asked you to give me a vision, you spoke to me, you showed me what to do, but I myself feel as if its to much.”

I feel that those of us who have been given a vision tend to get OVERWHELMED and quick to give up and give in! Once the pressure is on, we tend to hold back, and try to hide from what God has provided us with. Are you afraid of your dream? sounds silly but its true, are you afraid of your dream?

chastenyHow are you afraid of something, you envisioned coming to pass? Well its highly possible and happens everyday. We can allow so many distractions to get in the way of our dreams, that we lose sight of the bigger picture.. then fear comes into play, and now we are stuck.. So what do you do?



For me, when I begin to feel the pressure is on, I take a BREAK! a mental BREAK, a spiritual BREAK! A break to renew my mind and spirit.  Ill tell, the feeling I feel after a well deserved break is GOLDEN.

This scripture has to be something that I live by, I regain strengthen, and insight:

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

One little scripture that holds so much WEIGHT!

God knows us, he knows are dreams and what we aspire to be! He knows how sensitive we are about our dreams! So when he gives us vision we have to take it and SEAL THE DEAL with full force! We are not rush the process or to  give up when things start to get overwhelming or not coming as fast as we’d like, You are doing something right when you begin to feel the pressure is on! Find ways to kill your anxiety, and overwhelming thoughts, if that means you cant be on social media for a week to get it together, do that. Whatever works for you, take a break and SEAL THE DEAL.

Chasteny Colbert


twenty eighteen.

Hey Guys! so we are just about a week and some change into 2018! Yaaaaaay!

So far so good? or do you need to start over in 2019? either way its the beginning and we all have to start somewhere. So maybe today isn’t going well but tomorrow just might.

Each year I learn something new, it literally never fails.. & 2017 was more of a “Chasteny get it together and pull through” type year of me. I wouldn’t just say that it was a bad year, but definitely an eye opener. Stepping out on faith was one of them that stood out the most. I had to build my faith game up like 10,000 percent because I felt myself slacking and not believing. Can you imagine how it is to allow every worrying and problem to bother you? It could’ve happened to me, and not to stay that it hasn’t because it has. Although things are going swell, I still have moments where giving up doesn’t sound to bad. I mean I’m cool with it *pops collar*  but that’s not my assignment here on earth, I am called to do something great and if I were to allow everything to get in the way of my faith, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. I would be stuck and lost… I’ve been there before and I never want to go back, but sometimes that spirit keeps creeping on me.



hello,I have to remember that..


God, has shown me so much and I’m ready and willing to gain more knowledge and enjoy this vision he has given me! I have tons of goals and aspirations that I truly want to perfect, I’m ready to give the world what I didn’t have for so long! I cant afford to give up, when I have others counting on me, when I have me counting on me! So, please continue to follow me through this journey.


I want to inspire you all as well as inspire and amaze myself  daily!

Lets tackle 2018 and get the ball rolling into our DESTINY!

 Chasteny Colbert2





Hey! Guys, so for the rest of December I will not be posting any blogs. I’m currently working  on something, that I think you all will like. Shutout to God for a clear vision.

Thank you all for being great supporters and following me for as long as you have! God Bless and Happy Holidays!



Chasteny Colbert2



I have never been stable, from childhood on up. I have never been stable.

Nine whole years of my life, I can stay I was STABLE. I stayed in one place for nine years.. but after moving here from California.. straight unsuitability I had a total of twelve addresses and attended four different high schools. I never had stable job history let alone a stable number.

Who wants to deal with that?

I felt as if I was a burden while staying with others, some welcomed me with arms wide open and I appreciated that. Yet, I Here I am, young with a child and I don’t have my own place to live. I was homeless for a total of four years! I appreciated everyone who took me and my child in, but it was nothing like having your own.

It’s hard to gain stability when you’ve been unstable for so long.. but here I can say I have lived in my own home for almost a year, I have stayed on my job going on a year. I have created a routine for my children that hasn’t changed. My son is familiar with his own home rather than someone else’s. Stability wasn’t only for me but for my children as well. Stability isn’t only for my home, but for my finances and spiritual stability.

God has given me my stability. My focus has to stay fixed on him. I look to him for direction rather than my own.

Psalm 16:8- “I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.”

I will not be shaken. I will not be moved! I am STABLE!



Favor- an act of kindness that is beyond what is due or usual.


I have been a witness to God’s favor. I’ve seen him work in numerous ways, that seemed so unreal, but I knew that God has always been  a way maker.

One thing I have learned about myself is that, I never try to put myself down in the dumps. Sometimes they way my life just sets its self up for me, literally stresses me out! Like im so ready to pull my hair out, But I never worry! The moment I feel myself giving up, I remember that I’m one of the chosen ones. I’m Gods favorite. I have ultimate FAVOR.

I get so excited when I talk about it.

Favor comes for expectancy. When you expect for things to go all wrong, chances are it will.. when you have your mind-set on positive things and positive outcomes, you have that much more relief. Staying  positive always is the best way.  Remind yourself that God always wants what’s best for his children.

Declare favor over everything! Your workplace, House, Car, your children, Your finances!


I have witnessed God’s favor with my loved ones, my friends and associates. Little things that I’ve seen him do!! It’s just a beautiful thing! It’s just amazing how God works and how he carries us. I can’t count how many times I have witnessed favor in my life but BOY! It’s something that I can hardly explain… when I figure it out I’ll definitely let you all know!!! I do know one thing is that the FAVOR and GRACE of God is all I got, and I’m oh so thankful! Lord thank you for my relationship with you. I am truly BLESSED.








Lemme pray for you.


Short and Sweet Blog Guys!

Have you ever thought about praying for that person you don’t care too much for?

Like seriously, instead of gossiping about them why haven’t you just took the time out to say a prayer for them?

GOSSIP and SLANDER…. it’s all just negative and draining and we have so much more to do with our time! Like drinking water, build are brands, and just flat-out minding your own.


Recently, I’ve had some trouble at my workplace. Problems where my full potential is being unnoticed, im overlooked, and unseen. The emotions that I’ve been feeling here lately because of that has me on edge. I’m so upset; but my anger isn’t solving anything and my anger isn’t going to much me much money either. Although I want to step into that office and slam a pen down on the table and say “Hey! y’all got me messed up! I should knock your papers down!” I’m not going to do it.. Instead I rather pray about the situation, and continue to be a hard worker. I wont be overlooked for to long.

We have to remember that the issues they have with  us is far to big for us to carry!

You have to remember that it’s not your fault that God made you the way you are. You have a define purpose on your life and others won’t like it! They will feel intimated by it. So it’s so very important that you pray for her.. him..and them!

You have ultimate POWER on your life.

Pray against the enemy.
Stand your ground in victory!

God has your back when the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.. now that’s just unpleasant.

We all have to remember not to get so worked up about things we cannot control and just pray about them. Giving out worries and confusion to God and allow him to work it out. We just have to continue to be positive and fulfil our destiny without letting OTHERS get in the way of that. It’s easier said than done but its a step that we have to take.

Psalm 25:2 I trust in you; do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me.”





Life is all about choices.

Every choice that we make can impact us tremendously.

I’ve had many occasions were I had to make a choice, well I mean that’s like everyday.

How I raise my children, What they will wear, What I choose to feed them etc. Its a choice. I could choose to raise them one way and that would be my choice BUT I have to make sure that I’m thinking of the future rather than the present and the right now. What I instill in my children is lifetime, they may not grasp it all at once but eventually they will get it.

I made a choice to eliminate things that were no good for me, a red flag pops up and sometimes I hesitate just a little bit, unsure of the decision that I’m about to make. “Will be the right one?” So when my mind began to wonder, I try to look at the result of things.. if I stay here I know it wont be good, if I keep this going I know it’s not going to end well. Sometimes I will try to convince  myself that my decision is good one even when I know that it’s not.


My choice is to follow God and seek him in my decision making. NO! im not saying that every choice that I make I ask God about, but  somewhere in the back of this beautiful mind of mine, I know that God has been pleased with the choice that I’ve made. Seeking his presence on a choice gives you a total clear path. God gives us clarity, but we also have to use our own minds to know and understand that the choice we make will impact us!!

Life is all about choices people, and everyone has them. Make the best choice. Thinking before you ACT! Understand what the outcome of you choice will be, there are some scenarios were you wont know the outcome, but you kinda have to just take that chance and see what’s out there, and that’s where trusting and seeking God comes into play.

You made the choice to trust him!

Now follow.. and make that choice.

Everyone has a choice.


Pshhh! Quiet.

Soooo, November is an approaching and the end of the year is on its way!

November is the 11th month and what I’ve discovered about the number 11 is that it means awakening and transition.

November is my wake up call month, my transition month to continue get myself in line.

Although I have had a pretty decent year and accomplished so many goals in this year.. November is going to be my QUIET month. Work STILL needs to be done, and I’m seeking Gods voice more than ever. . In this month I will be actively in prayer and caution of what I ask God for and what I ask him to reveal to me. Every word I speak and every move I make will matter! I’m preparing myself for the next chapter of my life.

“November is my month to hear from God.”

So I need my quiet time… no offense taken. I just need quiet time. I’m excited for my next level. I’m recieveing everything God has in store for with me wholeheartedly.

So, if it doesn’t involve my level up.

I will not put my energy into it.

November is my month of Silence..